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Dental Mexico implants basically replace the missing tooth or set of teeth with permanent implants. They are made from resistant material like titanium or ceramic. Both of these materials allow for better fixed integration with the bone, so there’s risk of them falling off, if they are taken care of correctly.

Silver fillings were used for many years until fairly recently in dentistry. Nowadays dentists know that this type of filling can be dangerous and other substances are utilized by dentists to fill teeth with caries. However, there are many people who still have the old style fillings in their mouth and these can cause serious health problems in the future. For this reason, you should visit a mercury free dentist Hereford to have the old fillings replaced. It is very important that women of childbearing age have their mercury fillings replaced since having the mercury leaching into your system can not only affect your health but may also affect the health of any children that you have. It is believed that there may be a link between mercury and children developing learning disabilities and autism. Mercury begins to escape from silver fillings immediately upon placement; there is not considered to be a truly safe period for the use of this substance, and there is no level of mercury in the blood that is thought to be safe. Each silver filling that is put into the body has between 40 - 50 percent mercury, so it is clear that these type of fillings are not suitable to be used these days now that we understand just how toxic they can be. When you are in need of dental care, make sure you look for a mercury free dentist tijuana mexico

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